Movie Review: Eddie Izzard: Definite Article

Izzard is a very rare comic. The obvious tip-off is his cross-dressing, but that’s the least important thing about him. He’s combined so many elements of theater into his act they’re difficult to separate. (For example he’s an excellent mime but not quiet about it: there’s always an array of accompanying sound effects even if the thing being mimed is silent in real life.) I’ve seen the documentary about him, so I know that his scatter-brained stage persona is a fiction, but not a dishonest one. He seems to string his material together so loosely onstage that when he does a callback you think it’s a fluke. By the end he’s done multiple callbacks on multiple jokes and you’re rolling at the funny and awed by how easy he makes it look in heels.

In Eddie Izzard: Definite Article (1996), his form is perfect, but the jokes are very euro-centric so the bulk of them will fly over the head of an American audience. I suspect he hones in on a wider audience in later shows…

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