Daily Archive: 2009 August 7 Friday

Funny short movie “Hipsters Job Story” (via Heavy.com)


Hipsters Job Story is a funny parody of Magnolia-type movies. (via Heavy.com)

Exploited Earth: The Prix Pictet (via New Scientist)


Found an interesting photography contest called the Prix Pictet that showcases “international photography [of] remarkable images that focus on environmental sustainability”: Gallery – Exploited Earth: The Prix Pictet photography prize 2009 (via New Scientist)

SLR lenses and you (via Gizmodo)


Gizmodo has a helpful article about the many categories of SLR camera lenses. Wilson Rothman takes some of the mystery out of the stultifying variety of lens types, and points you in the right direction for deeper info: The 3 DSLR Lenses You Need (and 2 More You’ll Crave) (via Gizmodo) Matt Buchanan wrote a […]

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