Daily Archive: 2005 May 31 Tuesday

iPod watch


I am starting a running count of how many iPods I see everyday on the way to work. My commute is from Montrose (Blue Line) to Chicago (Blue Line), and on the Chicago Ave. bus (#66) from Milwaukee to Orleans. I am basing my tabulation on sighting the conspicuous white earbuds, or the iPod itself. […]

Deep Throat revealed?


At age 91, ex-FBI chief Mark Felt has told Vanity Fair, “I’m the guy they used to call Deep Throat.”

More PS3 news


» Autodesk’s 3ds Max will support PS3 development » Sony gives release date for PS3 » Nintendo announces strategy for next-gen console » PS3 vs. X360 (addict3d.org) » Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Vs. Sony’s PlayStation 3 (IGN) » Do you trust MicrosoftÂ’s Xbox 360/PS3 comparison? (joystiq) » Some Xbox 360 versus PS3 numbers (Cold Forged) » The Games of PlayStation 3: Uncovered! (IGN) » Hideo […]

Strawberry Field closes…forever


The Salvation Army closed its Strawberry Field home and childcare provision on Beaconsfield Road in Liverpool today. The center was, of course, immortalized by The Beatles in 1967 and closes “after 69 years of looking after Liverpool’s disadvantaged youngsters”. In 1997, after a semester in Sevilla, Spain, I made a pilgrimage to the famous red, […]

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