Daily Archive: 2003 August 6 Wednesday

Pinkey Suthers Goes Nuclear


I gave my friend Dylan an idea for his comic strip The Pinkey Suthers Show and he actually illustrated it! Thanks D!

Northern State


Northern State is a white female rap trio that’s fun to listen to but tough to take seriously. Veering away from outright parody, they mix Bubblegum and Rap to profess how much they can rock a party with a few non-sequitor rhymes thrown into the mix. If you haven’t heard their music yet you can […]

Test is pretty good


Movable Type is obviously more powerful than Blogger, but you need to run the software on your own server. Blogger stores all your data for free so I still give them big ups for that. I like MT’s comment and category features, but I haven’t taken full advantage of TrackBack yet so no comment on […]

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